Welcome, 2017


As I sit on the couch scrolling through social media on my final day of a week+ long vacation, I see so much reflection of the new year. Thoughts focusing on clean slates, new beginnings, fresh starts. Sipping hot coffee out of my bestie-gifted ‘smile’ mug, I couldn’t help but think of the many goals I’d like to work towards in 2017. Continued planning of our wedding [5.18.18] being the most prominent. Spending more time writing, photographing the world around me and eating healthier also come to mind.

With concentration on future pursuits, I focused for a brief period on the reflection of 2016. For me, it was a good year. I started a new position with my employer, where daily I get to witness the strengths and ambitions of those I support. We adopted a second puppy. Got engaged! And took two, week-long, “stay-cations”. Definitely a year for the books.

When I began to visualize the focus of this first post, I wasn’t sure where to start. That’s when I noticed one small white feather next to me. (We have a feather/down stuffed couch, it’s typical). Taking that as a hint, I began to reasearch feathers for inspiration. One of the first posts to generate (besides the obvious definition of what a feather actually is) focused on their spiritual meaning. One idea that caught my attention in particular was the symbolic visualization of one feather in a person’s dream – signifying accomplishment and simultaneously wanting to rid oneself of burdens.

Bringing in a new year does just that. We focus on our accomplishments, yes, but spend most our attention on those burdens from the last 365 days. Our flaws, things we want to change in our lives or our fear of repeating our own history force us to conjure up sometimes unrealistic intentions. That’s not to say our resolutions aren’t obtainable, it’s just a matter of changing habits and re-aligning priorities. I once read somewhere that it’s better an oops than a what if. Maybe that’s why we take such comfort in new beginnings and new opportunities – because we only fail when we don’t attempt.

I want a place to celebrate my accomplishments, but also my imperfections. ‘Feathered Flaws’ is going to be that outlet. So sit back, relish in my overly-excited wedding posts, roll your eyes at my new gluten-free diet, recall an old memory with my photography, laugh at my Pinterest mishaps, or connect with whatever life experience we both may be going through. Whatever your reason for reading, stay patient and trust your own journey.


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