If I’m being honest.

Tonight, I was relishing in the quiet of a warm lavender-scented bath with a good book and an almost empty glass of sweet red wine, when I got a text asking how the “kids” were doing [referring to our two adorable rescue pups]. I giggled, knowing they were snuggled up in our bed ready for a good nights sleep. It was past 10:00pm, after all. Alex, away for a 24-hour shift, was just trying to stay connected to his little family. Our little family.

I couldn’t help but think how much longer I had to enjoy moments like these. A couple years, tops? The thought of the sacrifices that we’ll have to make when we choose to start a family creeped in to my mind. We know we want children, and we know the lifestyle change that will come along with that. Are we ready for it? I can sit in quiet with a book and a glass of wine because my dogs don’t need my constant attention; but a child does. That’s still a couple of years away, so I pushed the thought aside, only to know I’ll dig out again eventually. 

People often ask us why we’re waiting so long to get married. Most days, I have to bite my tongue. 16 more months. It’s really not THAT long when you think about it. I often push aside the well-meaning (but really deserving of an eye-roll) questions; I do my best to give them the honest answer … weddings are effin’ expensive! That, and life happens. 

There was a time just a few months ago when we weren’t sure if Alex was going to  be able to keep his full time job. While stressful, we learned very quickly our priorities for this new year. Unfortunately, the wedding of our [okay probably just mine] dreams would have to wait. And so would growing our family.

Thankfully, Alex’s job is now secured. Our stress has diminished, and we’re blessed with time. If I’m being honest, I’m glad we have this time to save money, time to plan this wedding with our family and closest friends, time to spend with each other. We get time to slowly digest the sacrifices and life changes we know we’re going to make when we start our family. It might not be the norm to begin these treks in your thirties, but for us it will be. We’re the lucky ones. We know who we are individually and as a couple, we know what we want out of life, and how to live/work/love together to get there. Our journey is unfolding exactly as it should be, for us.


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