We rise by lifting others

Us women, man, we’re ruthless. Age, race, sexual orientation – it doesn’t matter. Ladies, when someone else has a differing opinion from us, what do we do? We judge. It’s like in our DNA or something [I’m obviously not being scientific with that, get outta here with your rebuttal 😉]. I’m kidding. But really, why do we think it’s okay to treat each other the way we do? 

The other day I wrote a post that some agreed with and some did not. I was expecting that. However, I did not expect to feel like I was an uneducated and worthless human-being for stating my opinion. For the past couple of days, I’ve been trying to run through my mind all the positive ways I contribute and try to brighten the world around me. I took some time to reflect on how I spend my daily life advocating for and supporting those who haven’t, in the past, had a voice.

And that’s when I realized that’s the exact message the women who respectfully disagreed with me were trying to get across. Respectfully being the key word; there were still a few women that were just the plain rude. I will never apologize for saying (in this case writing) what I felt. However, in that moment, I did learn a few things. 

We all just want to be respected. We all want our voices heard. We all want to be told we’re doing our best. We all just want a support system. YOU, you’re an excellent daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, coworker, etc. Myself included; minus the whole wife and mother thing … I haven’t gotten that far yet. 

This is not a plea for us to all share the same opinions or beliefs. It’s a request, that we as women, respectfully challenge  one another. By asking questions. Not making attacks. Because honestly, it’s not just the feeling of inequality from men women should be worried about, but the feeling of inequality from other women.


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