Wedding planning update.

[📸: Feathered Flaws]

Maybe it’s the amount of time we’ve had to think about, process and confirm each detail, but this wedding planning thing has been a breeze. When Alex and I got engaged last May, I already had a Pinterest board adorned with ideas – everything from dress to flowers to decor and more. Of course, some things have changed along the way, but our vision has mostly remained the same.

Our venue might be my favorite detail right now. It’s an old construction barn in Mt. Sterling, Ohio that has been renovated over the past year; it’s the perfect blend of rustic and elegance. If you’re in need of a gorgeous rustic venue, I highly recommend them. Barb, the owner, rented vintage decor to brides for many years, prior to renovating The Mercantile. As a part of the venue rental, Barb includes use of that vintage decor and offers her artistic eye, helping you to set up and plan for your big day. Not having to buy any decor and having someone to help me style it? She, and the venue, completely won us over. To check out ‘The Mercantile’, click here, here or here.

If I’m being honest, I think I’m the most anxious for the day I try on dresses. I thought I had the perfect style in mind; multiple photos of it pinned on my Pinterest board. But after finding one just like it online for a whopping $75.00, I just couldn’t pass it up. In the end, it was gorgeous, but fit weird in all of the wrong places. I spent most of this weekend re-evaluating what style might fit my body type best and biting the bullet to step in to an actual bridal salon. I have a call in to a local boutique to schedule an appointment within the next month. Fingers crossed I can say “yes to the dress”.

Guest list is in draft form, and we’ve been browsing the ‘best bang for our buck’ with invites. We have the flower shop and catering narrowed down, but still in need of a cake and DJ. Bridesmaid dresses and groom/groomsmen tux colors have been selected; as well as our photographer [shout out to Style&StoryCreative].

It’s all coming along, people! 421 days to go. Any advice? What was your favorite part of planning? What was the most stressful? In the end it’s all about marrying my best friend. I can’t wait for our future to begin!


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