Behind The Home Decor


Hi beauties; happy weekend! This is my favorite day of the week; no plans, no obligations. Just relaxing, watching junky reality tv on E!, and hanging with my pups. Fiancé’s at work or else we’d definitely be watching an NCIS marathon. What are your favorite Saturday, go-to, plans?

I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on my home decor posts [here], so I thought I’d share each piece and where you can find them. I’m a girl on a budget; hello wedding planning. So you may be shocked to know you can find the cutest items in the most ‘not so obvious’ of places:


Light-Up Arrow: Michaels


Picture Frame: Hobby Lobby; Candle: Target


Vases/Wire Basket: Michaels; Flowers: Michaels


Mason Jar Scentsy: Scentsy; Bird Basket/Eggs: Hobby Lobby


Rustic Clock: Target


Letter ‘K’: Michaels 


‘Home Sweet Home’ Picture Frame: Hobby Lobby; Plant/Twine Rounds: Michaels


Picture Frame/Candle: Dollar General; Lantern: Michaels; Print: 


White and Glass Vases/Flowers/’&’ Sign/Candle: Michaels


Owl: Dollar General; Picture Frame: Michaels; Print:


Bird: Michaels; Camera: LovelyLittleSongBird; Candle: Dollar General


‘Enjoy The Little Things’ Sign: Dollar General


What’s  your favorite craft/decor store? 



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